Courchevel 1850

I've just got back from a week in Courchevel 1850. We travelled with SuperTravel and stayed in Chalet Perrier. I've had a great week, I've skied my nuts off, possibly even approaching the sort of level I ought to be at.

First up, the skiing in Courcheval is incredible. Each of the three valleys is huge, with plenty of skiing to keep you entertained for a week without needing to venture into the other valleys. Since we had a Courcheval lift pass included, we didn't bother upgrading for the week, instead just paying 20 euros for a day's upgrade. There's everything you'd expect - easy greens (at the top of bubble lifts), comfy blues, challenging reds and extreme blacks (ahem, Grand Couloir, ahem). The Mad Dog guides will help you select the level of each slope (actually, the Mad Dog guide was really good, because as we all know, some blues are like reds, some reds are like blacks, and some blacks are too easy ;-)

Getting around on the slopes is pretty much as you'd expect. In general, getting around works pretty well; nearly all lifts are chairs, and most of those are express. Other than that, there are loads of bubbles, with the odd button and cable car for good measure. I thought that was pretty good going, but a beginner snowboarder with us who had a bit of trouble getting back to our chalet (because most routes require the use of a short button to get back up to it).

It was Russian New Year while we were there. The word was that the mafia were busy in town doing whatever they do at new year. We also heard Posh and Becks were in town. I wouldn't like to say if that was anything more than a coincidence. Curiously, there was a big, black truck trailer parked outside a hotel. It was there for about a day or two; the security guard standing by it said it was for a show. The hotel manager was apparently told not to question anything that went on, just to let them do whatever they wanted. Apparently at 1am there was a red carpet and lots of people, then all of a sudden, it was gone.

Anyway, that aside, the NY celebrations were pretty cool. Personally I slept through much of it, an account of having been on quite a bit of a bender the night before. The ESF put on a big show, although not without it's comedy mishaps (suitably caught on video by a friend).

Hiking up and down the hill to and from the chalet was less than appealing, although once you've got your Beer Protection Suit on, there are plenty of places to make Snow Angels.

It's a good place to go, although ranges from expensive to obscene. Would I go there again? You bet...

Submitted by coofercat on Mon, 2006-01-09 21:34