Dunster House Hudson 300

I saw this Dunster House Hudson 300 on the Internet. It looks pretty nice, no? It'll make a great home-office for us.

Here's how it looks now it's been delivered:

(That's not including the door and window frames and the four glass unit either!).

Oh, and you have to unload the truck with help from the driver. He's literally twice as strong as me, so was able to shift far more of it than me. My life in IT didn't prepare me for that work at all ;-)

I think I've got a bit of work to do to construct it. The good news is that it's a piece of flat-pack that doesn't need an Ikea Standard Allen Key(tm) to assemble it. From what I can tell it's actually not that hard, although I'll need to get a decent, level concrete base down first. From them on, it's mostly a matter of slotting things together. Can't wait to get started!