Facebook Scraping the Barrel

Facebook really are starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel. I haven't so much as viewed my Facebook profile in weeks or months. The only time I've done anything on it in the last year or two has been to maybe check one specific thing, taking maybe a couple of minutes at most. It's pretty obvious I'm out of love with FB.

Over the weeks and months, FB have sent me the usual, completely unengaging emails saying things like "you've missed 12 of your friends status messages". I've of course ignored such things remarkably easily.

This week I received the above email from FB. It's the usual unengaging thing, but this time, they've claimed things that are years old are "recent". FB "pokes" are all about 2008, which is about the last time I got one. Apparently they somehow happened since I last logged in. This all tells you something about FB, doesn't it...?