Southeastern Trains Seats are Too Small

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have a 34 inch inside leg. The man in the Levi store once told me that 34" jeans were the most common size they sold. Whilst he's not an especially authoritative, nor scientifically rigorous source, I take it to mean that I'm pretty average when it comes to the length of my legs.

I am of course telling you all this because I don't fit in the seats on many of your trains. For me to be able to sit down on your trains, I have to sit in a table seat, or take one of the disabled seats. Sometimes there's a carriage with a 3/2 seat configuration with lots of facing seats. Whilst more slender than the others, I do fit into these seats, at least in a leg-room sense. However, recently I'm finding that for whatever reason these options are often not available to me anymore.

The Internet tells me that the average amount of time a person can stand the Waterboarding method of torture is about 14 seconds. I'm pleased to say that I'm able to withstand the immense discomfort of your seats for more like 14 minutes. Whilst an admirable effort, it's no where near long enough to travel home from work. However, should our American cousins wish to abandon Waterboarding in favour of a more "humane" method of torture, I shall suggest they put their terrorist suspects onto a round trip of the Kent countryside by train. Whilst this method may take longer, it could be secretly incorporated into normal life such that the general public are unaware of the interrogations going on all around them.

On a less whimsical subject, the cost of rail travel has been well covered in the media over the last few years. I'm sure you can understand that I spend a large amount of money on rail travel, and so I think it's reasonable for me to be able to sit down when there are seats available. This particularly because I believe myself to be fairly ordinary, and physically representative of European men generally. Another unscientific straw poll of people on the trains I don't fit into suggests that men do indeed prefer to sit at tables, and if left with ordinary seats seem to sit diagonally with their legs in the aisle (which blocks the all-important trolley deliveries).

To conclude, I wish to request that you find a way to accommodate ordinary, average leg-length men such as myself on your trains. I realise what I ask is not easy, but if you are to provide seats, I really think that they ought to work for the majority of the people who are intended to use them.

Kind regards,

(sent today via the Internet)

Submitted by coofercat on Thu, 2013-05-09 20:09