Spam Spam Spam

Oh my word, the Cat's getting *spammed*. Traffic volumes are more than double the "normal" levels (which were quite spammy already), and Mollom's working double-time to prevent all the comment spam getting onto the site.

I've already got various 'blocking' things running to deny access to people who abuse this poor little Cat. I realised that it wasn't banning people who frequently trip Mollom though, so fixed that, and now we're banning someone from the site every half an hour or so (sorry if that's you, by the way, but it probably means you've got some nasties running on your PC).

Incidentally, looking at the actual IPs hitting up the Cat has been interesting. There are the usual random-around-the-world visitors, but recently a clearly obvious 'glut' of Chinese based IPs too. It sort of feels like every computer in China is trying to give me comment spam at the moment. I'm sure it's not quite that bad, but it's a recent, unwelcome, development nonetheless.

Submitted by coofercat on Fri, 2012-12-07 09:05