Samsung Galaxy SII Wifi Problems

My Samsung Galaxy S2's wifi has packed up. It won't turn on (the wifi icon is half green/grey, and never goes green). It's not a network problem, as it does it anywhere (and besides, it's not getting as far as switching on, so it doesn't know what networks there are).

I've done a lot of searching for answers - the best I found was to try this:
- Switch off, take the battery out for a few minutes, restart
- Upgrade to latest software (which unfortuntely means ensuring the shockingly poor quality of Samsung software which you'll have to install on a PC)
- Backup your phone (if Kies will let you) and do a factory reset
- Phone Samsung support and get them to fix it

I've got as far as the last step. They're going to send me a pre-paid envelope that I have to send my phone back in. It takes 7-10 days, and hopefully I should receive a working phone afterwards.

I should point out that this took three calls to Samsung to arrange. In all three, the agents were actually very friendly and helpful, except that I got two different answers, so kept going until I got a consensus. Hopefully the envelope to/fro thing will work out. Seemingly other Internet citizens have had a reasonable experience of it, so hopefully my phone will be back to full working order soon (meanwhile my Three data plan will take a beating, as will my very old Motorola K1 while the Galaxy is on it's road trip).

Submitted by coofercat on Thu, 2012-09-06 19:04


Samsung Galaxy SII Wifi Problem Reply

I had been having the same issue for 2 months and it started after installing Ice Cream Sandwich.However, tonight I just uninstalled AT&T Smart Wifi App and now I'm not having a problem at all.Perhaps ICS doesn't play well with the app, and perhaps there's a setting or change you can make to the app that will allow for it still be on your phone, but I simply got rid of it. If you have the app installed, I bet it is the culprit.

Submitted by Stephen Frick (not verified) on Thu, 2012-09-13 04:05.