Most EU States Sign Away Rights by signing ACTA

Most EU states (including the UK) have signed the ACTA trade agreement. This matters because ACTA is even more broad, and even more invasive than the PIPA and SOPA legislation that got Americans in such a tizzy (did you see the Wikipedia blackout (which lots of other big sites also did), or the protest links on Google and others?). There are lots of write-ups about the EU signing up to ACTA, so I won't rewrite them all here. Instead, I'll point you at: Now's a good time to write to your MEPs (Write to Them makes this incredibly easy!) and ask them what their position is on ACTA, and how they will vote when it comes before the EU Parliament for ratification in the summer. If they tell you they're in support of it, then write to them again telling them how sorry you are to hear that, and how you're going to make it a deliberate point not to vote for them or their party in the next EU elections. Even the slimiest politician doesn't like to do things that will definitely lose them votes. If this gets ratified, then it's up to the individual states to pass local laws to uphold the treaty. That'll be a good time to write to your MP, although you could do that now, just to keep them on their toes.
Submitted by coofercat on Fri, 2012-01-27 13:29