Surrey is Boring

According to the Lonely Planet guide to the UK, Surrey is boring (reported in the Telegraph, although the Orange Travel Blog got there first). Having grown up in Guildford, I have to agree to some extent. Surrey is picturesque, it's accessible, it's safe, it's comfortable, it's convenient, it's (reasonly) well managed, but none of that make it exciting.

I do wonder what an exciting county looks like, but I can agree that Surrey isn't it. Generally what I hear about Guildford is "it's good for shopping" - a nice enough mantle, but not exactly resounding. If you ever hear about Surrey heartlands in the news, it's usually introduced as "Leafy Surrey", as if nothing happens in Surrey except the sound of the leaves growing on the trees.

Submitted by coofercat on Fri, 2011-05-13 08:27


Surrey IS boring There is

Surrey IS boring
There is nothing fun to do unless you are incredibly rich and can afford to go to coworth park spa or ascot races
I do not like surrey i do not
If you want to raise a family its lovely
If you want to raise a teenager look elsewhere

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