Freedom2Surf / Nildram / Pipex / Opal / TalkTalk - What?

I have long been a customer of Freedom2Surf, after a recommendation from a friend. They've been a great ISP, with excellent technical service from the outset, and generally pretty helpful support on the phone on the vanishingly rare occasions that I've need it.

They have recently been bought by a slew of other people; first it was Pipex, then Opal (aka. TalkTalk). In short, a bunch of ISPs have all been bought up by TalkTalk, who are now starting to offer some new features and facilities through these brands.

A while back, I got an email from Free2Surf, offering me home phone line rental and broadband in the same (pretty attractive) package. The thing is, the sender had managed to spell "Freedom2Surf" incorrectly in his email. Probably just a typo, but you've got to wonder about a company that can't spell it's own name.

Today, someone from Nidram sent me an almost identical email, but had incorrectly abbreviated Freedom2Surf as "E2S". He's also managed to copy all the other customers into the email - so we now all know about each other. I've replied to remind him that I could quite easily just hit 'reply all' and offer a competing product, or else sell the names and emails of his customers to third parties.

I really want Freedom2Surf (or whomever they're called these days) to stay good - please don't let their new corporate overlords dumb them down to the same shoddy levels as so many other ISPs. So far, some training on email and the spell check feature would help, but how long before everything else goes down the pan too?

Submitted by coofercat on Fri, 2010-10-15 13:27