Fedora 13 Servers

It's time for some upgrades to Coofer Cat. I've bought a new machine, and intend to run Virtual Machines on it. For this, I'm going to use a cut-down Fedora 13 installation as the KVM hypervisor, and then build another Fedora 13 system as the web server for the site (I'm going to use other VMs for other jobs, like maybe an Asterisk phone system).

One problem with Fedora these days is that it's primarily a "desktop" product. That means, the default installation adds X Windows, Gnome, and countless tools you wouldn't need on a server. There are "spins" available that do different types of installation, but I couldn't find a "server" install.

To cut a long story short, I've been stripping a Fedora install down to the bare bones. It's got most stuff removed, but has things like RPM, Yum, SSH and a serial port console. I've attached two lists of RPMs - one for a minimal system, the other for the hypervisor. I'm sure there are more packages I could remove, but this seems pretty decent to be going on with. Hopefully this'll save someone else some time if they want to do the same thing...?

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Have you tried Ubuntu Server?

I downloaded this the other day, not booted it yet (The autistic streak in me has to wait because the uptime on my Fedora 6 is nearly 1000 days and I can't bring myself to bounce the box until that trips over) but come the 26th of November and I'll be upgrading to Ubuntu Server which is GUI free...

Amazing really, I'm still running it on a Dell Poweredge 300 I purchased in January or February 2001 :)


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Ubuntu Server

I've never tried Ubuntu server directly, but have tinkered around with the desktop edition. It's arguably better than Fedora, but the problem I found was that I kept forgetting where things were, or how to administer the system. I use RHEL at work, so using Fedora makes life a little easier. That said, I want to play around with MythTV, which comes in numerous flavours, but I think the most commonly used one is Mythbuntu, so I'm sure I'll be Ubuntu-ed yet ;-)

(The old Coofer Cat is probably as old as your Dell - and still perfectly fine, actually. I mainly upgraded to be able to put in more RAM for VMs, not because it's slow - pretty good stuff, although never had your uptime, even though I have a UPS these days).

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