Netgear GS116 Power Supply Failure

CooferCat went off the air for a couple of hours this evening because the PSU on the Cat Towers backbone switch failed. By 'backbone', I of course mean a little tiny Netgear GS116 16 port, unmanaged gigabit switch.

I have to say, these little switches are great. I've long had a 5 port version of the same running CooferCat, and doing so in pretty inhospitable circumstances (mostly because it was a bit hot where the computer gear was). I've only had this 16 port switch for a couple of months, and it's in a decent, generally cool area, but the power supply's failed already :-( I'm not seeing much that's conclusive about it on the Internet, apart from this (generally good) review.

Either way, fixing up the power supply isn't too hard, as any 12 volt supply with enough current capacity and suitable connector will do nicely. I ended up cutting and rejoining a couple of cables to get it all going, but that's all pretty easy work.

Submitted by coofercat on Sat, 2009-11-07 00:48