Curry's Home Delivery - only if it's easy!

We're buying a new fridge/freezer, and found one we like in Currys, so we ordered it online. A week later, delivery was due (yesterday). I received a 'courtesy call' on Saturday to confirm it all, and all seemed well.

Firstly, the delivery was late - maybe 30-45 minutes later than the end of the 4 hour delivery slot. About 20 minutes before arriving, the driver called to say he was on his way (nice!), but then said "oh, er, top flat?" and proceeded to explain that the fridge we had selected was classed as an "American style fridge/freezer", and so they wouldn't be able to take it upstairs. On arrival, they took one look at the stairs and flat-out refused to do anything more - not even to try, so we refused delivery and sent the goods back.

Naturally, I called Currys and got passed to a couple of people, both were generally unhelpful and unsympathetic. They ended up re-iterating the same line, that they wouldn't deliver American fridges up more than four steps. At no time during the buying process did anyone at Currys ever describe this fridge as "American style", much less that there may be any difficulty delivering it.

In short, Currys Home Delivery appears to be "only if it's easy". If basically, they can drag your items along on a trolley to their final resting place in your house, you may be okay. If there are awkward corners, steps or other obstacles, they won't bother. Oh, and don't expect any sort of help if it's getting close to the end of the shift either.

Of course, now we've found this out, we can find any number of sites on the Internet confirming how rubbish Currys are at delivery. Here a couple:

Don't use Currys Home Delivery Service
The Lowest Circle of Hell is Reserved for Currys Staff
Although a quick web search fill find lots more!

Update: We tried M&S Appliances. They're basically the same people (DRL), but offer a completely different experience. For these guys, nothing was too much hassle, the delivery done swiftly, tidily, and problem-free. It turns out they're about the same price as Currys too (especially if you include delivery, recycling, etc), so clearly a far preferable option.

Submitted by coofercat on Mon, 2009-10-19 13:56


I can confirm that Curry's

I can confirm that Curry's are absolute and total RUBBISH, after having a nightmare delivery of a freezer, washer and dryer. The call centre people are clueless, the drivers are useless and their order 'system' is hopelessly broken.

I paid to have all of the goods installed. They then FINALLY arrived and did not install the dishwasher, because they did not have the proper tools for the job.

Instead of refunding me the fee, they had the absolute nerve to sent me a survey to fill out via email.

If you use Curry's to buy ANYTHING you are asking for trouble.

Submitted by Anonymous Coward (not verified) on Thu, 2009-10-29 10:45.
I can confirm that curry’s

I can confirm that curry’s delivery service is absolute rubbish, I don't blame the delivery drivers they're just monkeys doing what they're told, I blame the moronic so called organisers. The telephone staff are absolute crap as well - let's face it you do have to be the most intelligent people to that job, they give incompetence a new meaning.

Submitted by i8currytwats (not verified) on Sun, 2010-01-10 18:55.
People can be so rude and inconsiderate

I am replying due to the anger and irritation the comments above have invoked in me. I am a delivery driver for a large UK plumbers merchant and I have come across similar issues in regards to delivery of items to a customer that hadn't stated that they live in a flat/upstairs.
I understand that a lot of companies don't state upon purchase about any clauses regarding to 'awkward' delivery locations BUT this is they get away with this due to the 'small print' in the terms & Conditions.

Every company has different terms for different reasons. Mainly due to Health & Safety, Insurance and Efficiency. At the company I work for specifically we have T&C that restrict certain items to be delivered to potentially dangerous locations (H&S-wise) but this is for multiple reasons:

1. Firstly the safety of the driver (myself). I happen to be a sole driver, I have no 'Drivers Mate' so if something absolutely requires 2 people we need to know in advance. I have had many people expect me to carry a boiler or multiple shower enclosure boxes weighing in at well over 50kg BY MYSELF up many flights of stairs because their ignorance and arrogance leads them to believe that they paid for this item therefore the driver (or monkey as the clearly mature i8currytwats stated) must deliver bend over backwards to put it where the customers requires, regardless of any personal injury risk.
2. Damage to property. This is is very regualr case in which a customer will ask for something awkward to be taken say up their nice stairs, round some corners into a room. I would say that I'm not 100% confident I can do it by myself safely without 'knocking' anything and they have simply said its ok dont worry. My branch has then recieved phone calls stating things like dirt on their carpet from shoes, scratch on wall/paint/etc. Its amazing how people can be so cavalier with the risks stated by the driver to begin with yet the second something goes amiss they are straight on the phone with their complaints. Even having been warned/advised.
3. Insurance, this is costly for companies and when most customers want something they take no regard toward the deliverers safety or well being as long as they get what they want. Most companies state in the T&C that the driver can make the decision upon arrival as to whether or not they can safely deliver the item. This way if they are injured the company doesn't have to pay you whilst you are off in recovery as he/she deemed it to be safe. This is why most drivers wont take the risk. Their job and their living is more important than one item.

I admit some companies do employ some less than admirable drivers/staff but I am mainly speaking from my own personal experience. I pride myself in being as polite, helpful and efficient as I can and believe me I bend over backwards for people as much as I can even if they are not polite and considerate towards me. The above comments just got me rather riled up because I find so many people are simply just inconsiderate, lazy and just dont plain think!

I apologise for any offence I may have caused. And yes, my opionion of Currys is wavering too as my new fridge was supposed to have been delivered 2 and a 1/2 hours ago at the latest! Oh well...

Submitted by Pissed off driver (not verified) on Mon, 2010-02-01 14:32.
Pissed of driver is obviously 'very intelligent'

Pissed of driver is obviously 'very intelligent' as are staff of the company he works for. Don't they ask about access before delivery? Simples!

I used to work as a driver and anyone who quotes rules and regs. is either inept or can't be bothered, trying get out of doing work.

Drivers should have assistance available to carry out their duties safely and correctly, if not, then they are entitled to refuse to work under grounds of safety before setting off to deliver. This is just common sense - something which is obviously lacking in Pissed off drivers.

Driving to a location without prior knowledge of access is appalling lack of organization by whomever. Knowing that they can refuse to carry out delivery quoting rules and regs on location when it's too late is disgusting. Sorry for offending anyone but people who live in glass house......

Submitted by Anonymous Coward (not verified) on Wed, 2010-03-31 08:37.

I think this is the problem tho'. Drivers are expected to do tasks that are unsafe or downright impossible; inappropriate, but then customers pay for services they don't receive; inappropriate too. Surely the point is companies like currys should be making more effort with sales and customer support making sure customers know what they can expect rather than just grabbing the cash and leaving drivers and customers in conflict situations. I don't know if it is fair to say the customer is 'ignorant', they've done business with a company and have the reasonable expectation that the company will ensure that the right number of correctly equipped experts will meet the requirements of the services paid for. The customer does not know the pitfalls of the job as a driver, any more than drivers know anything about my line of work (which I can assure you, you don't).
I have recently bought a washing machine from currys. It was meant to be delivered on the 27th Dec; the driver drove up in front of my house, rang my wife's mobile and, on finding the battery dead, drove off. Didn't feel he needed to get out of his van and walk 10 steps to knock on the door. Second delivery was today; drivers arrived, looked at our plumbing and said they couldn't install the machine. They were delighted, seriously could hardly contain themselves. I've just had a pro plumber install the machine who showed me how their verdict was totally incorrect and who suggested that they don't get paid any more whether or not they install, so they always try to avoid doing it. They said one of the valves was 'frozen' because of lime-scale, this guy closed the valve with the minimum of force. disappointed with the integrity of the drivers, won't be using currys again for anything!

Submitted by Faith no more (not verified) on Mon, 2011-01-03 20:47.
What a pity I only discovered

What a pity I only discovered after buying from them what a useless shower this lot really is. We looked at various refrigerators before deciding on a very nice Samsung American style fridge/freezer from Curry's. Paid for it and waited with bated breath for delivery one week later. They were supposed to deliver between 1315 and 1715. At 1730 I call Curry't to enquire and they say the driver will be with us shortly. At 1815 my wife walks outside and spots the truck heading off, she calls them back and I go out to meet them. The driver had already written 'wrong address' on the paperwork. He's supposed to call 30 mins before showing up - never did that. His next story is that the fridge is the wrong colour - we ordered stainless steel, he has a black one in the van. The paperwork looks in order to me so I ask to see the fridge. Loads of excuses, it's boxed up, it's dark in there etc etc. When I insist to see the driver refuses and they take off. Curry's response? Standard excuse that means absolutely nothing and they'll rearrange delivery.

I take a day off work to receive the delivery and to help them carry the thing up the stairs. 30 mins before arriving the driver calls, and when he hears there's stairs involved at once starts complaining. I call Curry's to alert them that potentially there will be an issue. All they say is that it's up to the driver's discretion as to whether or not he'll deliver up stairs. Sure enough as soon as the van shows up, the driver declares that they don't do stairs, won't look at what stairs need to be negotiated (two flights going up one storey) and expects me to accept delivery at the bottom of the staircase.

If I give them a hand it's three big men with a trolley carrying what amounts to an empty tin can up two flights of stairs, total weight maybe 50 kgs? Apparently (according to Curry's) it's against Health and Safety, yet it's okay for them to leave it for me to carry it on my own without a trolley to assist me.

If I had a trolley I might even have taken it just to end the aggravation, as I could probably get it up there by myself. Definitely with a trolley and my wife to lend a hand it would not be a problem.

Told them to take it back. Cancelled the order and called Marks and Spencer.

Marks and Spencer - first question I ask: Do you deliver upstairs?
Answer: Absolutely not a problem. They will put it in the room you want.

I'm holding them to that promise, I told the salesperson I'm taping the conversation and I want her to categorically state that two flights of stairs will not be a problem. She was more than happy to do so, adding that it is taped on her end as well.

Now, ask yourself: who do you want to give your money to?

Submitted by Not a Curry's fan anymore (not verified) on Tue, 2010-02-02 13:51.
Totally clueless customer as

Totally clueless customer as per usual. I completely agree with how inept the currys drivers are but as for 50kg remark what planet are you on.tumble dryer's weigh close to 50kg these days American fridge freezers weigh closer to 120kg so just think about that when criticizing delivery men.

Submitted by Anonymous Coward (not verified) on Fri, 2014-11-28 00:24.
American f/f

American style fridge/freezers now weigh as much as 170kg that's the (LG) model.
but If you read the HEALTH & SAFETY instructions on the box it clearly shows that they require four men to lift. And under no circumstances are we allow to accept help from customers.For obvious reasons!! Personal injury claims... so we are left with no other option.. We don't get paid for taking time off if we injury ourselves, but me personally will take the doors of "Americans" to reduce the weight and size. I generally have a limit of 15 steps to which I would make delivery. Thanks for reading
Leo-p.s worked at curry for 9 years but the work load to which we have on a daily basis I.e up to 40 delivery a day and also expected to install washers and T.v's as well as making all the delivery!!! Over worked under paid ...know how Leeds .

Submitted by leo (not verified) on Sat, 2015-02-21 22:36.
Ignorant customer as usual

"If I give them a hand it's three big men with a trolley carrying what amounts to an empty tin can up two flights of stairs, total weight maybe 50 kgs?"

Haha you obviously have done zero research about your fridge freezer then, Try 137kg or 21.574 stone, So definitely not a "Tin can"

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 2015-11-12 14:26.
Appalling Delivery Service

I am currently sitting at home waiting for Currys to deliver my washing machine.I bought it in store and tried to arrange a two hour time slot, every time I provide a suitable time for me I was told that there was no available delivery slot in my area.When I asked when do they deliver to me area I was told that they didn't know this information.In the end I booked a time I knew wasn't convenient but thought it would be easy to sort out by phone, how wrong was I.

When I phoned up the person was polite and booked a four hour time slot, he told me that if I called up at 9 am the morning before delivery I would be assured of an early time slot.When I duly did this I was informed that this wasn’t the case and that my frustration with the service was simply my problem and to deal with it.I have since learned that ‘crap’ is a truly offensive word even when directed at the service rather than the individual, all I can say is grow up and provide a better service.

As I wait I have phoned again, the automated service said that the time slot had been extended by 15 minutes, I then spoke to an operator who provide me with yet another time slot.I explained that if I had to wait much longer I would need to phone for some one to sit in the house as I had to go to work (God for bid I have to work to pay for the washing machine).When I asked where I was on the list they couldn’t tell me, does this mean that they have no idea where their drivers are and no mobiles to confirm location?

The only thing the service operators are skilled at is deferring the customer’s frustration and anger, they need to be.I am sorry for the poor person who works there and has to be the front face for such a badly organized company however this doesn’t help me arrange for my washing machine to be delivered.


Submitted by Pissed off at Currys (not verified) on Mon, 2010-03-15 12:47.
currys delivery service

After reading some of the comments about Curry's delivery service,it was with some trepidation that I awaited the delivery of an American style fridge freezer. Currys was chosen because it offered the cheapest on line price.
Though access was relatively easy,there were three steps and a sharpish bend to negotiate.
Delivery was on time, and the two young men Dave and Stuart could not have been more helpful,they positioned the appliance where required.
The reason for their helpful attitude might lie in the fact that they don't actualy work for Currys, but for a sub contractor who just delivers for the firm.

Submitted by desflurane (not verified) on Thu, 2010-08-05 22:37.
in defence of

So,lets all have a pop at the curries delivery driver.Sure some of us can be seen to be inpatient unhelpful "monkeys" but given the fact that we start our rounds at 6.oclock am and rarely get back before 7pm.with 30 plus deliveries a day, appalling road conditions,totally unsympathetic,traffic wardens and an ever increasing list of extra duties to perform don,t be supprised if we appear eager to be on our way.As for delivering large items( american fridge freezers) upstairs; I am constantly supprised at the attitude of customers who think carrying a 2-300 kg item measuring 3x2x6ft up 2-5floors of tight twisting stairs is a perfectly normal part of our duties. on one such occasion in the pouring rain I refused to take an " american" up a flight of 12 tiled slippery steps. the resulting tirrade of insults aimed at me, my drivers mate,and Currys was incredible, but trying to keep a civil tongue in my head, I asked the customer if he would be prepared to undertake such a dangerous job . He replied, and I quote "no but i'm not the one being paid to do it am I". With this sort of attitude aimed towards us it makes it harder for us to maintain a civil attitude for the rest of the day,We're only human or apparently "apes" after all.

Submitted by curries driver "the coal front of curries organisation (not verified) on Mon, 2010-09-27 08:35.
Empire Direct Crap delivery

Its not just currys the same thing happend to me when I ordered from Empire Direct and I had paid for speedy delivery and stated that there is a flight of stairs, but by all accounts all flights of stairs worldwide must be no more that 6 steps. They arrived and yes it was a two man team, big blokes and I even offered to help, but the pair of wimps stated that it was too heavy. There is a huge business potential out there for some clever people because all delievery guys and gals not every one lives in a bungalow and if you dont change your attitude and practice then your business wont last how often can a company afford to lose a £1000 sale
I for one wont be ordering from Empire maybe M&S would like my money I am in need of a fridge after all

Submitted by Jamie(not verified) on Sat, 2010-10-23 20:04.
Currys digraceful delivery service

I was unaware of the lack of care, and poor customer service they provide until now. It has been a month since i was supposed to have recieved the 50 inch 3d tv i ordered. Despite the fact extra money was paid for them to deliver it on a certain day, they failed to do so, or even notify me that this would not be possible. The first excuse was that deliveries were delayed due to snow. Which i accepted, but that buys about a week of of patience at the most two, which is still pushing it. Every week i have been told a fresh excuse. Every week i am told it will be there by tuesday, then thursday then friday. It is now over a month and i've had to have it delivered to the nearest branch to pick up myself. The customer service agents they have are incompitent, unhelpful and often rude, speaking in such an unsympathetic tone. As if i am cutting into their cigarrette break or something. I dont even believe it is the drivers fault it is the lack of efficiency of the company and it is a business process issue. How i am supposed to get a 50 inch tv in a box home myself is a mystery but it is either that or trust the local branch to deliver it, which i am reluctant to do as i would like it this side of 2011.

Submitted by Anonymous Coward on Wed, 2011-02-02 17:12.
additional information

had a whole load of trouble with Currys, went in to get a washing machine, 2 weeks ago on wednesday which they told me was in stock, and I should have it by Friday, and someone would ring me to confirm when it would arrive.

When I hadn't heard anything by Tuesday I rang them, got through after 20 minutes to someone who was obnoxious, thick and unhelpful.

They couldnt tell me anything.

Eventually on Thursday someone rung to say it would be delivered the following Tuesday.

When they arrived, at the very end of the time period they said, they first of all didn't want to take the old machine out, even though I had paid 25 quid for installation. Said it was still plumbed in, - one pipe ???

When they eventually agreed to take it, after I had unscrewed the one pipe, they wouldn't connect the new one " because that might invalidate the warranty "

They also had to be reminded to remove the transit bolts !

What a load of cr&p !!

If i'd been an old dear or a young mum, I would possibly have not been able to do this myself. but they didn't care.

One of the blokes also had no neck !

So if you need a washing machine, find somewhere else to get it.

Submitted by Bytesland (not verified) on Wed, 2011-04-13 14:24.

Lot of silly people on here with expectations that no courier / delivery service would fulfill. Seems stupid to blame drivers who have a difficult job as it is without having to carry 50k+ packages up stairs... Manual handling training required for idiot posters above. That said I ordered a coffee machine to be delivered on a specIfic day, rang up currys and their couriers twice on the day and was assured it would be there... It never arrived had to rearrange for another day so not terribly impressed with them either.

Submitted by Jamie (not verified) on Thu, 2012-01-12 18:26.
Curry/Knowhow delivery

I bought a new large chest freezer from Curry's as my warning light came on my existing one and it was getting old.
Despite offering free delivery next day Sat as on website I had to pay to have it delivered between 7.0 and 11am the day after Sunday. I needed to know time so I could defrost the freezer for their free takeaway and to arrange to keep the contents frozen.
I was told I would get a phone call 30 mins beforehand and could check by phone or website for progress of my order. No phone call was sent and by 12.00 no delivery. I checked by phone and on website and both said that my delivery would be made shortly. No delivery was made. Eventually I got to speak to a human and was told they had been having problems with deliveries. I cancelled and informed them I would claim for ruined contents.
Next day Monday they delivered stating they could not leave depot on the previous day but since I had had to restart freezer and put back contents for evidence I refused delivery.
I phoned Curry's who accepted responsibility and asked me to send in detailed loss. I did
I heard nothing , emailed and then wrote again. Eventually I was told that they had called on the Monday but as I was out they came on Tues but I refused delivery. It was my fault as I was out and there would be no compensation. I pointed out the account was inaccurate and anyhow the delivery was for the Sunday.
I later learnt from the local store manager that there had been heavy snow in their Kent depot and the drivers could not get into the building as no manager with a key got in. They were therefore unable to contact customers. No one it appears bothered to inform the web site or customer services.I challenged Curry's with this information and eventually got a letter accepting this was the case.

They inform me that they are not responsible since Currys advise customers to have as little food as possible stored before purchasing and that new freezers should be alolowed to stand for 12 hours to let gases settle before being switched on. Needless to say I was not told this nor can I find any such advice on their website.

I can understand difficulties in delivery with snow but had I been simply informed of the delay either by phone, on the web or when ringing customer services I would not have lost £300 of food.

Of course I will never again buy anything from Curry's or any of their associated Dixon, PCWorld, Pixmania who use Knowhow for deliveries. However firms should not be allowed to behave in such a way, when they are clearly responsible. In a time of recesion one would have imagined any responsible firm would accept responsibility.

Submitted by Watchman (not verified) on Thu, 2012-03-15 15:45.
currys american fridge delivery apalling

We have a house and straight access from the road outside into our house. We do not need anyone climbing stairs of any sort. Just that our front doors are not the standard width so the fridge doors need to be taken off. We paid £50 more for the fridge doors to be taken off and put back on inside. There were no sharp bends, stairs or any obstacles in the house. We measured the display fridge in currys and ordered because we knew it would fit. When the delivery came, they were an hour late of the 4 hour time slot and when they arrived they refused to even take it out the van and have a go stating all their company rules and giving us made up measurements of the fridge saying it won't fit. We mentioned we measured it in store and even offered to take off our own door handles which might be an obstruction but couldn't see why it would be. They still refused to have a go. We had no choice but to let them go.A whole day wasted and we don't even live there yet so had to travel to the house wait for delivery which did not happen and travel an hour back home. We decided to hire our own men to do their job and got them to deliver again and leave it outside our door. Our men had no problem fitting it through the door. Our front door handle did not need taking off. Only the fridge doors had to come off. We were happy to pay them extra for a job currys delivery company "knowhow" could not or did not want to do.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 2012-03-24 09:20.
knowhow delivery team

I work as a driver for knowhow on a franchisecontractwe have avrage of 55 drops a day given 7 mins to do an wet install washing machine and5 mins to carry in a american washing machine and have to work 12 hours a day on 6.50 an houru try this for a week

Submitted by Anonymous Coward (not verified) on Sun, 2014-08-10 19:28.
Get a new job then

Get a different job then if you don't like there rules go some where elese

Submitted by Grant love (not verified) on Wed, 2014-12-03 02:04.
Really? You can't justify

Really? You can't justify doing a rubbish job because your job is hard!

Submitted by Usually placid (not verified) on Sun, 2015-01-04 16:40.
Delivery by laurel and hardy

i bought a fridgefreezer.Online. No complaints with any of that.

It was delivered on Wednesday 31st December at 1340pm.

Whilst delivering my fridge freezer the two men banged into my kitchen door handle ( which has now come loose) therefore denting the top of the fridge then crashed into my dishwasher ripping the knob off cracking it in two places and cracking the top/front of the machine.

The doorway to my kitchen is more than wide enough to get a 600mm wide appliance through if care is taken, and in my opinion these chaps just wanted to get it done and disregarded my home entirely.

One of the delivery men offered to take the fridge away and get a new one or give a 10percent discount. Considering I do not have another fridge to use I felt I had no choice but to accept the- in my opinion- menial discount!

They then tell me with regards to the damage to my dishwasher I should visit my nearest Currys about that.
This is less than acceptable.

On leaving my home and the street the driver then crashed into my husbands van parked about 20 feet from my front door, forcing it up onto the curb and into the wheelie bins. I believe had the bins not been there my neighbour would have had a very unwelcome visitor!

The driver had the gall to shout at my husband that my street is awkward. Yes it is but all he had to do was go out the way he came in!

I made call to customer service reporting the incidents and was told the following.

A claim was to me made to transport could take up to 14 days for any response. I feel this is in no way good enough.
I should find out the cost to repair my dishwasher and email them I cannot find how to replace the top/front of the machine I'm assuming it comes as one, also I do not know the cost to repair this, and the knob is £13.00 from indesit. Model of my machine is IDF125kuk.

As for my '10percent' discount, this has not been done nor even acknowledged by Currys.

I have no words to describe the stress that the chuckle brothers delivery team has caused me and my family.Nor the cost of the phone calls and effort sorting hire van through my husbands insurance so he can still go to work as now we don't know whether or not his van is roadworthy.Effort we have had to go to because of their complete incompetence, and their lack of interest or assistance.

Yes know how is a franchise but currys choose to use them so it's up to them to right the wrongs!

As for the delivery man complaining about his job- change it then! Having a crap job doesn't mean you should Do a crap job!

Submitted by Usually placid (not verified) on Sun, 2015-01-04 16:39.
Seems what ever them guys did

Seems what ever them guys did for you that day wouldn't please you think some people take things overboard slightly!! I've worked at curry for years as a drivers mate but never experienced so much unprofessionalisam with a job !!!

Submitted by leo (not verified) on Sun, 2015-02-22 00:02.
Poor sales promises

Just to add another word of warning to potential buyers.
I ordered a range cooker and my kitchen is in the cellar so I had no hope that it would be delivered beoynd the ground floor. I did mention it to the sales staff while ordering though just in case. I was told catagorically that they would deliver it to the cellar even though I pointed out that it was quite an awkward carry to get down there. "No problem" I was told they'd make sure it was delivered to where it was needed.
I was impressed as it was emphasised that I could have it where I wanted so thought perhaps all the negativity had caused them to push the boat out with their delivery service.
Not a bit of it. Just a sales pitch. The drivers were not prepared to take it to the cellar and to be honest I don't blame them. I just wish Currys would tell the staff not to make promises their subcontract delivery firm aren't prepared to keep. I was buying the cooker anyway so they didn't need to give me load of old flannel about delivery to make the sale.
I carried it down with a friend quite easily but wouldn't have wanted to do it in a customers house.
Bottom line. If you can't move it yourself don't expect Currys to keep their word. You will very likley end up with a nightmare.

Submitted by Another complainer (not verified) on Wed, 2015-03-18 16:57.
I just wish Currys would tell

I just wish Currys would tell the staff not to make promises their subcontract delivery firm aren't prepared to keep

trust me mate they actively train people to hit customers with any old bullshit to make a sale.

the people working in the shops are under enormous pressure to make sales with all the extended warranty crap attached or lose their jobs (there's no "if you make so many sales we'll give you a cut" incentive) they get no commission.

currys could not care less about the customers needs or requirements all they want is the cash.

it is by far the most amateur outfit run by the biggest shower of incompetents i have ever had the displeasure of working for.

Submitted by know how worker (not verified) on Fri, 2015-09-04 22:53.
Currys PCWorld Knowhow crap

I brought a American fridge freezer on line from them
They brought around to my flat build , (104a) is my number and they could not deliver upstairs. I called Knowhow ( Know nothing) and complained and what the item redelivered and I would carry it up stairs.
I called today and found that they had actually cancelled my order. I am furious not only did they not tell me the order had been cancelled they have spoilt my xmas

Submitted by Mark Pearson (not verified) on Wed, 2015-12-16 16:24.
I just had a problem with the

I just had a problem with the delivery driver AFTER i was told and assured by PC WORLD/CURRIES that even after explaining i lived up 32 steps with two twists, they said it wouldnt be a problem too my 800 quid and i waited a week for it to come today just so the driver and his mate could say soz we aint delivering it.... So basicly Pc World/Curries fed me shit to take my money even though they knew it wouldnt get delivered. BUT to top it off i rang them to get my money refunded and got told ring back another day as they cant issue a refund until tomorrow....

Argos next time i think. Wont be shopping there again. Sales are full of shit just to get your money

Submitted by Doxie (not verified) on Wed, 2016-01-13 12:46.