I'm growing up... I exchanged contracts on a flat yesterday. That means that mid-July, I'll be a home owner (just around the corner from where I am now). The quantities of money that are involved are scary, but I'm really rather looking forward to it (not least because I'm moving in with the Mrs.).

Right now though, I'm trying to find an electrician. A friend suggested mybuilder.com, which so far has proved to be really rather good. Of course, I suppose it depends what the work is like when it gets done, but it does look like a good site and hopefully a good way to find a tradesman.

After that's done, I'm going to have to worry about the Cat5, 12 volt, wallpaper and paint and then getting my stuff shifted. It's gonna be a busy few weeks when we get there!

Submitted by coofercat on Fri, 2009-06-12 14:03