Doing Good Feels Good

The other day I was sitting on the tube on my way to werk (as you do) when I noticed a mobile phone on the seat opposite me. I checked with a bloke nearby, but sure enough, it was just sat there, lost to it's owner. So I pocketed it.

On leaving the tube station at my destination, I started calling the 'last numbers dialled' to see if I could find someone who knew the owner. Sure enough, a very nice lady told me she'd contact him and call me back. She told me he'd call a bit later on.

Sure enough, a very relieved chap called me up, and we arranged for him to come to my work to pick up his phone. When he arrived, he was so incredibly grateful, I thought I might never get my hand back from him shaking it. Bless him, he also bought me a bottle of red wine.

I have to say, it took about 30 minutes of my time, earned me a bottle of wine, made some chap very happy and makes me feel really good. All this reminds me that a little bit of consideration for one's fellow man makes us all feel much better.

Submitted by coofercat on Sat, 2009-03-07 18:30