Dead, Dead, Dead

I'd like to apologise to all you Cat fans out there in Internet land...

My server's disk broke over the weekend. It's all fixed now, and indeed we're NASed up to the eyeballs so it doesn't stop us quite so much next time. We're not fully up to speed just yet, but give us a day or two and all will be well...

Sorry 'bout that. We probably need a better sysadmin ;-)


harddisk failure? if your

harddisk failure?

if your going to lie at least make it believable.

Submitted by Anonymous Coward (not verified) on Thu, 2008-05-08 15:39.
Okay, okay

So actually... what happened was, first, my house fell down a well. Next, after drying out my computer I realised that I'd been infected by Orange Guava fever, so had to get that cleaned up before I could get the Cat up again. Anyway, a few secretly acquired non-prescription meds later, and we're all back to normal. So are we. Thank you.

Submitted by coofercat on Thu, 2008-05-08 23:43.