Captain Canadiski (again)

I am once again Captain Canadiski (okay, so I'm recycling the cartoon strip from last year). I'm skiing remarkably well, considering it's day 1. There's much more to do before my instructors thing starts in a couple of days though.

It's early season here in Banff, and well, erm, it's sketchy. Norquay is completely closed (although was open for at least a few days a while back), Lake Louise is doing discounted lift tickets because not all of the mountain is open, and I found Sunshine remarkably difficult to get around as all my short cuts were closed. However, I'm still home absolutely exhausted, after day on my feet.

Sadly though, the conditions do leave quite a few rocks just below the surface. This is why these mountains are called "The Rockies". I've torn both my skis "a new one" (as they sound around these parts). I'm dreading the repair bill... it might even be as high as a new set of skis if this level of damage keeps up.

Still, it's great to be out in snow once again.

Submitted by coofercat on Mon, 2007-11-26 04:30