Lost Disks, Lost Personal Information: The Government Can't Run Anything

The Government can't run anything properly. They make mistakes, bungle and cover up just like anyone else. The trouble is, when they do it, they affect millions of people who had no choice but to be involved with them.

I scarcelyneedtolink to the story, as the Intarwebs are on fire with the story (and you'll note - the mainstream media doesn't even lead the charge, even though it's headline news).

Surely now, no right thinking person can possibly believe that more databases and more stored information in the form of The NIR (& ID Cards), even the NHS computerisation projects and others can possibly be a good thing.

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A given choice

"people who had no choice but to be involved with them."

The public ALWAYS has a choice; the Poll Tax riots are just one example of that.

We must never ever believe or even say the words, "we have no choice".

Neuro Linguistic Programming and all that :)

Thanks for the links!!

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Thanks for pointing that out...

If I have one general complaint about both this post and indeed many on your own site it is this: You say various means are the way to remind government that they work for us. I don't disagree, but both you and I fail to offer any practical means to make this true.

Your site doesn't seem to like comments, so I'll ask here: Please elaborate on how I might:
- withhold my taxes if we go to war with Iran
- remove my involvement with the government if I use their services (eg. child support, not relevant to me, but what kicked this whole thing off)

I see these as hard problems. I could withhold my taxes if I was prepared to give up my job and many other aspects of my life and enter into a 'hand to mouth' existence on cash alone. That's hardly achieving the aims, and clearly not something 'the ordinary man' is likely to entertain.

Alternatives, please...

Submitted by coofercat on Wed, 2007-11-28 03:34.