GHD: We love you

Now Cat fans, I don't have any need of fur straighteners, but I have much admiration for GHD adverts on the telly. We've had Thou shalt not... and Style with heat, style without fear... and now, what I'm going to call, "He can dump her tonight and come home with me".

Sexy, classy, sassy and innovative. Keep it up, GHD!

Submitted by coofercat on Sat, 2007-11-24 00:12


Warning about fake ghds

GHDs are great, but be aware that there are a large number of websites based in china that are selling fake ghd hair straighteners. These straighteners are both illegal and very dangerous becuase they have passed no saftey standards tests.

Submitted by GHD Approved Stockists (not verified) on Wed, 2009-07-08 18:16.