Franglais, Work and Getting Paid

After my full-on birthday weekend last week, I went to Grenoble for work for a couple of days. I've had an excellent time - my colleagues are really cool, and looked after me impeccably well (so the pressure's on me when they come to London!). I did my best with my broken French, and found out that even the French make up English-ified words. I'm sure I'll fit right in ;-)

Grenoble's a funny place though - there are some really French bits that look and feel great. Then there are loads of horrible 60s/70s buildings that got put there for the Olympics. That said, almost every street has mountains in view at the end of it, so it's really pretty great. Apparently some mountains even have snow on top of them - already! Hopefully it'll be a snowy season, during which I'll have to schedule lots of meetings in Grenoble so I can go skiing!

PS. Ryan Air were rubbish - "the on time airline" my arse - an hour late each way. Stanstead airport was expectedly crap, although getting there via Tottenham Hale was pretty easy - a tip I'll have to remember. Next time though, I'll go BA to Lyon instead.
PPS. I got paid for the first time by my new employer this week. That feels remarkably good!

Submitted by coofercat on Sat, 2007-08-25 19:09