The Music Industry in Decline

A nice writeup at Rolling Stone about the decline of the music industry over the last decade or so. The RIAA are unrepentant, but seemingly the big four realise something is up. Of course, this isn't news to any normal people, but it's nice to see it being reported like this anyway.

On a related note: RIP Fopp Records

Update 30th June: It just keeps coming. Music Industry bosses threaten Prince (for giving away a promo CD in a sunday newspaper). Once again, a lot of people that just don't get it (including bosses at HMV - oh dear). The industry is busy ditching the little fella, whilst us Normal People(tm) are just warming up to love him more than ever. Music is writing it's own funeral eulogy. If you're a British Prince fan, buy this newspaper because there's no way you'll even be able to pay to get this album now. Nice one, music industry.

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Pierre-Joseph Proudhon,

the real funny thing is.. intellectual property is the only real sort of property that anyone can really own, all physical property is only ever obtained by theft.

We've got this idea what property is all backwards.

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