The Pillow Fight League

Scott Mills has been going on about the Canadian Pillow Fight League (PFL). He rightly points out that we would be more than happy to watch such things on TV. Radio 1 could just be spearheading the sport here in the UK. Of course, we Brits have been doing it for ages, although we seem to do it outdoors.

Incidentally, the PFL site has videos, audio and a competition to name a new pillow fighter - Shauna. The mind boggles...


Indy pillow fighters tougher, sexier

Canadian PFL has edgy, sexy chicks but they don't compare to the pillow fighting league out of Indy.Those girls train with real Bodog and UFC veterans.They really fight.Check them out at'll see what I mean.Their website is their debut show, they booked a dozen fights in as many venues.I already have my tickets to their next event!!

Submitted by amelia (not verified) on Thu, 2007-05-17 19:58.
The Pillow Fight League fights HARDER

You hardly know what you’re talking about, if you could write sometihng like that. Suggesting that they train better or harder then The Pillow Fight League in Toronto that started it all.
Whatever tad bit of information you've gotten, your completely mistaken.
I can tell you first hand after watching how their fighter’s train it's not even close to what we go through weekly.

I am Laura Tunderin Geezus an All Star Fighter for Toronto PFL

Our Judo instructor is extremely knowledgeable in his field. He trains all our fighters painfully hard every practice as if he were training his male students.

Soon our practices will be broadcasted live, and then you can get your story right. When we practice we do up to 250 stomach crunches followed by 150 Push-Ups in a row, the 45 degree leg lifts at 150-200 times. That’s all the easy stuff. It continues into jumping and body slamming your self in to the floor quickly 150 times. Our warm up is endless and remember this is all just to get our body’s pumped up before we begin to practice. Next we work on pillow fighting and working on our moves i.e. takes downs, holds, rolls, pillow swings and what ever the fighters likes we practice to get them comfortable.

We don’t want to kill our fellow fighters so we also learn our to moves safely and creatively. However our fights are real and most girls fight hard unless their sick, like I was at our last show.

If you wish to contact me or talk with our fighters go on facebook. The Pillow Fight League in Toronto is hard-core, and we would love to fight any of their fighters from PFU or any other Pillow Fight League.

Laura Tunderin Geezus ®

Submitted by Laura Tunderin Geezus ® (not verified) on Sat, 2008-02-23 20:28.