Our Inept Government

Not from my usual sources, but apparently the government is looking into lip reading CCTV cameras. Orwellian thoughts spring to mind of course, but one wonders what sort of uber-super-computer they're going to use to do all this lip reading, and associated storage (after all, the system can't discriminate between friends and foes, so it'll have to record everything).

Also, Derek Wyatt MP has been babbling all sorts of rubbish about the IT security of the Olympics. He has apparently said that the contract to ensure the IT security of the Olympics will be given to significant sponsors, not to vendors with the best products. One is left wondering if maybe someone like Nike, McDonalds or Lucozade will end up doing the IT security for the Olympics?

Thankfully, at least one member of the government is resigning soon. Let's hope more follow.

Submitted by coofercat on Tue, 2007-05-01 20:37