Show Your IT Credentials

Following one of those dodgy ads on TV that proclaims that you, hapless loser that you are, could one day have a high flying IT career, I tried this little test. It's a 40 question test, with a maximum time of 15 minutes (first challenge: use a browser that's compatible with it's bizarre and unnecessary UI).

As you might imagine, I did pretty well with 90% (meaning I got four wrong!). Still, when faced with a question that says "which of these will lose data? [format], [defragmenter], [scandisk], [explorer]", I spent a while looking for "all of the above".

However, the point of all this was to say this is actually quite a good example of a 'point in time' test of recollection. As with just about every IT test I've ever heard of or taken (ahem, ahem), it doesn't test understanding or approach, and a passing grade gives the false impression that the candidate is qualified for something. Ho hum, IT qualifications... (sigh)

Submitted by coofercat on Tue, 2007-04-17 21:42