More Carphone Warehouse Shenanigans

I've had a few misdealings with the Carphone Warehouse before. This time it's about upgrades...

My 12 month contract ended last november/december time. Around that time I got numerous texts and subsequently a handful of calls from CPW. Each person I spoke to seemed to give me slightly different information, but eventually I spoke to someone who told me that if I let my contract run on beyond the 12 months, CPW give me some "phone credit" that I can use to get a free phone. That would mean I would be able to get a new phone, on a cheap 12 month contract, all for free. Thinking this sounded like a good plan, I figured I might as well wait until January.

So here we are in January. I got another text from CPW, so called them up (on 0800 587 5564). I spoke to someone, and asked about the CPW phone credit - he had no idea what I was talking about and could only really offer me a more expensive monthly, or an 18 month contract (although to be fair he was making noises about a free headset and memory card). Anyway, he passed me onto the Loyalty Department.

I asked the Loyalty bloke about all this, and he told me that they have Inbound, Outbound and Loyalty departments, that can, in some circumstances, compete with each other. He also suggested Loyalty was the best... So off we go with plans and tarriffs. Finally, I'm getting somewhere... He offers me two: one the same cost as I'm paying now, with pretty much the same features (and a free phone). He also has a cheaper one, but the phone costs £50 (although they give me £45 cash back after 4 months - go figure). Oh he also told me that they're not allowed to do any phone credit any more (since January 1st).

Anyway, it's all settled, my new phone arrives on Monday, and I'm bound to a new contract. The moral of the story: Speak to CPW's Loyalty Department, not the normal call centre (also known as "Inbound").

Submitted by coofercat on Fri, 2007-01-12 15:11


you should have said you were cacelling your contract...

you should have said you were cacelling your contract, this always works wonders, CPW wanted to charge me £50 for a Samsung D900 and continue my contract for a further 12 months but i told them to shove it and i would wait until the contract expired and get the D900 from Vodafone for free, after a couple of minutes on hold, they came back to me and CPW then offered me the phone for free, a memory card and free delivery, sweet.

P.S. if you phone CPW a couple of weeks after receiving your phone, complain about the battery being crap and not holding charge, they should send a replacement FOC, it's always handy to have a spare.

Submitted by Garry (not verified) on Fri, 2007-01-19 11:13.